Why We’re Better Than The Company Up The “Block”

We’re better than the company up the “block”. Easy to say, but, here’s why we are –

We’re here year ’round –

Most tax services are open only during tax “season” and not during the rest of the year when you need help with extension filing, catching up on old returns, responding to notices, doing amendments, getting help with quarterly payments or installment agreements, or doing some planning for life or business changes.

Another thing about being here all year - we have our heads in the game ALL year, and don’t come in for a quick refresher course and then work nights and weekends for a few weeks. We are always looking for ways to make your experience easier and to make the process smoother.

We’ve seen it all –

Like those new insurance commercials, we’ve seen a thing or two. Divorces, workers on visas, tinkers, tailors, soldiers, spies. Students, doctors, single parents, people who haven’t filed in years. We have handled it.

We offer the same products and services –

Pay your preparation fee from your refund? You bet.

Need a refund loan? No problem.

Need a payment plan? We have your back.

Child tax credits, Earned Income Credit, Tuition Credit - all of those, plus Energy Efficiency credits, adoption credit and anything else you qualify for and can document.

We do things that they can’t or won’t –

  • Missing some documents? We’ll help you get them.

  • Need to respond to an IRS notice? We’ll handle it.

  • Need a copy of your W-2 or an old tax return? We have 24/7 access to ALL of your documents, going back as far as you’ve supplied them to us. We have some clients for whom we maintain copies of tax returns from more than ten years ago - all on our secure client portal.

  • Forgot something? We can do amended returns.

  • Need a late or weekend appointment? Just ask us.

  • Want to submit your “stuff” online or from your mobile? Both our portal and our Connect mobile app can handle that.

  • Get discounts for referring your friends and family, or for giving us reviews.

  • Book your own appointment time online

  • Submit your return and documents on your mobile

  • Submit your return and documents online - you don’t have to even come into the office

  • Need help figuring out your withholdings? No problem.

  • Have a few years you need to catch up on? Easy peasey.

We explain things for you - from A to Z

It’s not just feeling confident that your return was completed correctly, it’s feeling like you know what you’re signing and what has happened. With us, you’re going to get a clear explanation of what your return is showing, how those results were calculated, and how your refund or balance was calculated - in clear language that’s easy to follow. You’ll always have a low-key, professional, friendly environment and experience.

Want to see for yourself? Contact us and let’s get started.

Greg Melon